Haanel 8:29  It is the few who know that the things which they see are only effects, and understand the causes by which these effects were brought into existence.

Deconstructing the battleship was, initially, a challenging exercise.  After a couple of sits, the greater challenge was breaking down the process beyond the blueprint stage, taking it all the way back to the beginning….the thought.  And then the question, was it a single thought or a collective thought?  Bottom line….it began with THOUGHT.

Being that it was past time for me to send in my revised DMP, I applied the battleship exercise to my DMP.  This turned out to be a very revealing exercise.  My mind was jammed with thoughts.  Some of absolutely no use, but it was hard to decipher because it was all so tightly packed in my head.

It took several sits to just separate each thought, set it out along with all the others, to be viewed completely.  Eliminating became imperative. The pruning was painful but very productive.  I know I have come as close as I have ever been to my complete DMP.   I welcome the questions from my guides, because I know my DMP is being refined.  If I want my desired effect, I will need to pin point the causes with ENTHUUUUSSSIAAAZM!

Every exercise, every card, every shape, and every reading assignment has a purpose.  All point to clarification.  Clarification results from seeing the causes of the desired effects.

I have had it backwards.  My desired effect had been buried so long, I did not even know where to dig.  Even when it began to surface through practicing the elementary exercises, did I  understand the value of comprehending the cause.

Being completely free of the red ink syndrome (RIS), is an exercise in perseverance.  It is wonderful to be able to be the observer rather than the old self who utilized RIS.  It is part of the old blueprint which has nothing to do with the new blueprint, drawn by a new architect, for the desired effects.

Let the pruning begin!







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  1. I love how you describe your refining of your DMP as pruning. We aren’t killing or taking important things away, we are getting rid of the things that hold us back from true growth. Thanks for the perspective. I love learning new ways to look at things.

  2. I love the point here about clarity. I loved the exercise of the battleship deconstruction as I looked at my future self the deconstruction almost maps the path to her future existence. Sooo cool. Cheers!

    1. It is so cool. Thanks for visiting my blog!!! Mark and Davene’s design and architecture of this course is just brilliant, isn’t it? Blessings!

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