So, I just have to share this amazing experience – well, it is to me.

You know how we have heard, since Week 2,  how ‘things will become effortless’?  I think I just experienced that.  Is it too soon?  I mean, this is just Week 6!

Being the best student of this Master Key Experience I can possibly be, I dutifully wrote down a service that I promised to complete by November 6.  I always keep my promises.  That service was to vacuum out both of our cars.  Not a big thing?  Well, allow me to illuminate you.

We live in the country in the Pacific Northwest, in the middle of a field.  No garage.  Evergreens – pine needles, leaves from all the deciduous trees, and a gravel drive.  Every time we get into our cars, we bring a bit of the outdoors.  And then there is the snacking while driving thing……  All in all, both cars were awful and I knew I had set myself up for a rather large time commitment.  AND it has been pouring rain for days!

I promise to get this service done by November 6 but if it doesn’t stop raining, where am I to go to get it done.  I AM GOING TO GET IT DONE!  I always keep my promises!

On Thursday I needed to take one of the cars in for a bit of service under the hood.  The weather was changing and it looked like it was going to be a dry afternoon.  Great!  As soon as I completed my midday reading, I would do one car.  My husband had the other car and was out of town.  I didn’t know how but I knew I was going to do the service I had promised.  I always keep my promises!

Arriving home, I was focused on doing my reading and getting to the service.  Once the reading was completed, I prepared to vacuum.  I opened the door of the passenger side to take out the mats and saw it was sparkling clean!  The car had not only been vacuumed, it had been washed (at the auto service center).  I was so focused on getting it done, I missed the fact that IT HAD BEEN DONE!

And today was a sunny day, I just finished vacuuming the other car.  DONE!  I always keep my promises!

Really, I feel like I have gotten away with something.  Yet, as Haanel says, “So…focus this power through attention or concentration on any single purpose for any length of time and nothing becomes impossible.” (6:21)

I can be what I will to be!

I always keep my promises!



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I am a veteran home educator, mother of 3, grandmother of one, who loves Living Life to the fullest and encouraging other mature individuals, like myself, to do the same – through Love, positivity, and self-directed thinking. A decade ago, I made the decision to live my life according to my own terms. Of course, my terms are not your terms. That’s the beauty of this journey! There is so much to discover! Journey with me!

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