This week, my make-over word is DECISIVE.  This was a trait I called upon when I scheduled my time of Silence.

Wow!  That sounds so calm and easy.  Don’t be deceived, I wasn’t.  After the webinar talking about the time of Silence, I was all in, no excuses, no ‘what if’, I just couldn’t think WHEN I was going to do it in the next 2 weeks!  I was so concerned, I texted my guides immediately.  No response.  No response that evening, either.  And then I began to calm down, study my calendar and begin to think how it could happen rather than why it could not happen.

There it was, 2 1/2 days that, as yet, had nothing scheduled.  So I spoke with my husband and blocked the time.  Circumstance at our house prevent me from leaving.  So I am having my Silence at home beginning Thursday at 1:00 pm to Sunday when I awake.  No social media, no computer, no cellphone or landline, no television, no radio, no mail, and I am excited!

I had my last Mastermind with my guides this evening until Monday.  Having never done anything like this before, I had lots of questions about what was permissible and what was not.

Being a codependent, I have spent the last couple days instructing and directing for my time of Silence.  This only reminded me of Og’s last scroll:  Can I perform tomorrow’s deeds while standing in today’s path?  Oh brother!  Old blueprint.

So armed with my MKMMA readings and cards, I march confidently into a tomorrow of silence.  There is no doubt I will accomplish it, but I am looking forward to what I am going to discover about myself and those around me.

So until that time on the other side of the Silence,  have a blessed weekend.

I am a unique creature of nature.

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