So, here I am, right here, right now.  I know I want to only move forward, to not focus on tomorrow (that never comes) or on yesterday (nothing can be done about the past) but which way do I go?  Vowing to only move forward has left me with so many options, yet, I know there is only one that is my purpose.  There are no labels, no one telling me what to think, this is all ME!

Shedding the old blueprint of co-dependency, I am not at liberty to consider the opinions of others, because their opinions do not count.  Wow!  Did I just say that?  In print?  I have come a long way!  Bigger, yet, is another transformation that has become very clear to me after writing these few sentences.  The co-dependency locked me in a world lacking imagination.  It was a world seemingly well organized, well, at least there were check lists that drove me.  But no passion, thus, no drive!  Another choice….might this be part of the direction I should follow?

This Master Key course has caused me to make some amazing adjustments to my programming.  What I always thought was  a choice between intellect and emotion, is, in fact, a beautiful medley of the two.   It is a lesson long in coming but its about using a compass not a clock, right?

Time to bid farewell to that old self and get really excited about what is going to be.  Time to BE.  In reviewing Haanel, I was very moved by 13:23.

Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore creative, but make no mistake, thought will create nothing unless it is consciously, systematically, and constructively directed; and herein is the difference between idle thinking, which is simply a dissipation of effort, and constructive thinking, which means practically unlimited achievement.

Holy Cow!!!  If I want to live my dharma, MY blueprint, I have to let go, completely, of the old.  There is nothing remotely worth salvaging.  I am not going to worry about lost time or any ‘if onlys’.  I have to move forward and rather than stop to figure out which direction forward, I trust that will be made clear as I continue to infuse my future with love and enthusiasm.

I am grateful for the lessons learned.  I am grateful for the experience. Time to move forward without strings attached….

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