Green triangles, red circles, blue rectangles, and yellow squares……THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

Really, fourteen weeks ago, I chuckled at the need to have note cards and colored pencils.  But I trusted it was all for a specific purpose.  I rather like coloring and being a paper freak didn’t hurt, either.  So I was happy to go to an office supply store (my favorite type of store) to purchase the necessary items.  Surely, the 300 cards I bought would be plenty.

No doubt many of us felt the same.  As of this morning, I believe I only have a dozen or so blank cards left.  I NEED more!!!  Who would have thought…….?

What a journey, so far!  I marvel at the fact that all the new tasks are really not new at all.  Every time they are introduced, I already have a habit formed.  The first introduction to this gift was in December.  It was brilliant.  Really brilliant.

Same with these cards.  I love them!  Like I love my sit and my reading time and my movie poster and the shapes and the ideas that come out of the Alliance.

This journey is a journey I have been wanting to take for as long as I can remember.  Here it is and I cannot stop talking about it and am so very excited where it is going – not only for me, but for all of us and for those who will be finding out about it.

Last Sunday, in church, I found myself applying the 4 little habits to the sermon.  It was marvelous!  Focus without effort.   And I can’t stop smiling!

I can be the person I will to be.

I persist.

I win.


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I am a veteran home educator, mother of 3, grandmother of one, who loves Living Life to the fullest and encouraging other mature individuals, like myself, to do the same – through Love, positivity, and self-directed thinking.
A decade ago, I made the decision to live my life according to my own terms. Of course, my terms are not your terms. That’s the beauty of this journey!
There is so much to discover!
Journey with me!

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  1. YES!!!! It’s so awesome how this works, seamlessly. Letting how our minds naturally work, work for us. In the beginning, Mark and Davene told us this… I love how you’ve expressed with clarity in this post. 🙂

  2. I am an office supple geek too! I love how once your way of thinking changes you see the concepts of the master key everywhere. Way to go in observing it even in the sermon.

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What am I watering?

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