I love my recording.  I listen to it almost constantly.  The music makes my heart flip, just like it flips when I catch a view of the Olympic Mountains.

And around here, in the Pacific Northwest,  any view includes water – my favorite is the southern end of the Hood Canal in the Union area.  Yes, this is definitely part of my DMP.

Back to the recording.   I love the music so much, I wanted to make sure it would play continuously through all my readings.  After I completed my recording, it turned out to be 62 minutes long!  I read everything three times, pausing inbetween, and using expressive tones.  Have I said I love my recording?

I was excited to have something both productive and positive to listen to as I trained for a running event at the end of this year.  My training schedule required I break up the distance into 5 minute increments.  Well, how was I to do that?  I don’t have a fitness apparatus, apart from my phone.  

The solution came in a SIT.  The piece of music I recorded is 5 minutes and 6 seconds long.  Perfect!  I use the music as a timing tool.

Without even orchestrating it, I am engaging multiple types of learning, making numerous combinations, and accomplishing things on my POA card.  I am taking action – DOing IT NOW!!!

And, while I am getting in my run, I see shapes everywhere – green triangles in the tops of the evergreens; red circles in tail lights; yellow squares in traffic signs; and blue rectangles in house numbers.


I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.







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  • I love how you use the music to time your runs! That’s so awesome that it just worked out for you like that. Wishing you much success & happiness! Also hope you have a Very Merry Christmas & a healthy, happy, successful New Year!!!

    • Many thanks, Mare. Just got back from a run and I observed so much I think I will be writing about it! May you have a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS & knowing we are all continuing the MKE into the New Year, I KNOW it will be the beginning of a very healthy, happy, and abundant life for you!!! Many Blessings!

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