This  Week 11 is more good stuff.  Didn’t you love finding out on Sunday that you were already doing the 4 Tiny Habits?  I sure did.  To learn of their importance in this journey of discovery caused me to wonder if I could actually get to the point of absorbing them into my life.  Then BAM!  I find out I have been doing them for weeks.  And these very habits that I have been doing are a part of me!  Brilliantly played Mark and Davene.  Truly brilliant and very much appreciated by yours truly.

This morning while in my sit, I was thoroughly engrossed in pondering the quote from Mark 11:24.  I watched my movie poster, watched the trailer, then proceeded to watch the whole movie of my new reality.  A couple different instances I questioned if my time was up, but did not check because I didn’t want to interrupt the movie.  When I did open my eyes, I saw that the alarm had not been set.  I expressed my surprise to my husband, who responded he thought I was going for a record of over 30 minutes.  What a great start to my day!

Since Monday, I have been observing various connectionss all around me.  Today, it was constant.  Is this happening because I have become a better observer or am I a better observer because of what is happening?  Either way, I am loving it.

It’s like there is a fireworks show within. I am celebrating these bits of new reality.  Party time!

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!


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