This is so very late…, you are not going to hear an excuse. It’s late!

The Week 10 video was a real bust for me.  All these weeks I have been diligently making sure I have completed all the tasks, checked them off, and felt accomplished.  Then Mark publishes the video.  What a bust!  Yes, every homework assignment was a check list.

So since Sunday, I have been the observer.  Has any of this great stuff become a good habit?  Well, I am happy to report that my sit is something I became very possessive of from about Week 2.  My day begins with a sit, no matter what!  I purposefully get out of bed (definitely with the help of an alarm) at 515 am to have that precious time.

10:24 This week select a blank space on the wall,or any other convenient spot, from where you usually sit,….

Anxious to do the exercise described, I situated myself in my sit and spent a good bit of time looking about me, searching for a blank space.  There are none!  So, would it be a tragic error to do the exercise with my eyes closed?  Possibly, but until the lack is remedied,  this, I would have to do.

The solution was made clear to me during my Tribal meeting.  My attention was drawn to  a very large dry erase board which has been ‘sort of’ stored until I could unload it on someone.  The board is a large rectangle of white blankness.  “Use that”, came a voice from within.  So that is what I did yesterday and again today.

Yesterday went fairly smooth. I was able to mentally draw the square, the circle, and then develop the cone.

10:25 If you can do this, you are making excellent progress and will soon be enabled to concentrate on any problem you may have in mind.

Today, I had a problem.  I put that problem ‘on the board’ during my sit.  By this afternoon, the issue was beautifully handled.  I did not offer an opinion nor did I try to bust anyone.  Huge behavior change for me!!!

It is the little things that continue to blow my mind.   And I need to remember to celebrate them.

I am whole, perfect, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

I believe it!!!


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  • Awesome post Louise! I actually felt as if I was going through the experience with you as I read, summing it up with, “It is the little things that blow my mind. I have to remember to celebrate them!”
    Thanks so much!

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