Today begins Week 2 of the Master Key Experience.  I listened to the webinar today.  The information fell on my ears and settled in my soul as if I had never heard it before.  Yet, this is my fourth year of taking the course!

Is this the same journey?  How could it be?  My self evolution is constant.  Since my first MKE experience, I have embraced and practiced the habits of gratitude, daily Sits, Scrolls from The Greatest Salesman, Master Key Experience by Charles Haanel, and THOUGHT.

No, this is not the same journey.

Well, here’s another question?  Am I the same person?

I remember my first DMP. I carefully worded it for my guides so they would think well of me.  What was that about?  Their kind and encouraging comments gently challenged me.

I began to stop living for what I thought others wanted from me and began to allow myself to come through.  I love the MKE process, the unveiling of truth, and the self accountability that builds through the progressions.

My current DMP, which is in dire need of revision, is so much different than my first.   So… ?   Well, it came to me during the webinar today that I am my own worst enemy.

Although, I have adopted so very many good habits and I do things now that I never considered doing before MKE, I had an amazing AH-HA moment.  The AH-HA was the result of a progression of realizations that I could not ignore once I was back into the course, full boar.

There has been a lot of evolving into my best self.  However, something I observed that I knew but never actually noticed or gave my attention,  is that I am constantly comparing – comparing someone else’s life to my own; someone else’s abilities to my own; someone else’s living conditions to my own;  ad nauseum.

Who, what, why, when?  What does it matter?  It is all ego and I am done with it!

I am grateful for the revelation, ignited by the masterminding at the end of the webinar.

This is going to be another amazing year, working with amazing minds, manifesting amazing, inexplicable things.

I love Master Key Experience!

Happy to be on this journey with all of you all!


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I am a veteran home educator, mother of 3, grandmother of one, who loves Living Life to the fullest and encouraging other mature individuals, like myself, to do the same – through Love, positivity, and self-directed thinking.
A decade ago, I made the decision to live my life according to my own terms. Of course, my terms are not your terms. That’s the beauty of this journey!
There is so much to discover!
Journey with me!

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  1. Louise,
    I love the part where you begin to stop living for what others think you should be doing and be who you are! This is a challenge I’ve faced too! MKE sure helps us find the original us, doesn’t it?
    Have a wonderful journey your fourth time around! Wow!

  2. Thankyou for sharing your perspective. As a first time MKE participant I have wondered why people return and I get it… we never stop learning and growing- I love how you talk I think your fabulous by the way I love hiking too 🙂 Fantastic blog setup (omg I have so much to learn) bring it on!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! This is a wonderful process for which I am so grateful you are a part.

      “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Heraclitus

      Love your enthusiasm!!!

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