March 2023

Best Selling Author Reveals Where It All Started

By Dorcie Wellman

Have you ever wondered what exactly your purpose is on earth, in this time, and with these people is?  Louise Kohl asked that question of herself several years ago. 

She was drawn to a course called Master Key Experience which is about making mental changes (the world within) to affect life changes (the world outside), to develop into a self-directed thinker. 

Louise committed herself to see the course through, even though it began with applying for a scholarship for a mere $1.00.  That was in 2016.  She became one of the course guides to aid new members on their journeys to discover their authentic selves.  

When I inquired about one thing that stands out to her from that course, she is quick to respond. She cherishes the discovery of her authentic self.  The person is who she is – living a life on her own terms and sharing it through the books she has written and the courses for children she has co-created.

Louise credits her successes to her journey of self-discovery through the Master Key Experience and nurturing a grateful heart.

She is a speaker in much demand, promoting the journey of self-discovery through self-directed thinking.  Her audience is predominantly women who are uplifted, encouraged, and inspired by her affirming and stimulating words.

This best selling author is thrilled by stories of women who have risen to their full potential because they applied the knowledge they received from reading her books or attending her workshops. 

She is thrilled the ripple she began by believing in herself has touched many, resulting in their own success, however each defines it.

Having been raised overseas, Louise loves to travel, especially to share the world with her family.  She especially loves travelling with her grandson who thrills her with his youthful perspective.

A passion she holds is to build the Reliv Kalogris Foundation which nourishes over 100,000 children around the world on a daily basis.  These children grow to be contributing members of society, spreading kindness through their work because they received kindness.

When many her age are slowing down, Louise is just getting started.  Although her message is for all of us, she especially loves working with women from middle-age up.  To know more about that, go to her website: and subscribe.

Before I ended our interview, more like a visit, she asked me to memorize these very beneficial affirmations.  

  • I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!
  • I can be what I will to be.
  • Do It Now!
  • I always keep my promises!

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