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Where to start?

I am excited!  Over this summer, doing the MKE Continuation, being involved with the March to 3000, and preparing to participate in the launch of MKMMA 2017, so many puzzle pieces have appeared and begun to connect.  Scary and exciting simultaneously.

In one of my sits in the middle of the 2016 course, I had a vision of something that I couldn’t really make out, something that felt absolutely spectacular, and something I knew was going to manifest, even though, I couldn’t articulate it.  Then, in the Continuation, I learned about the Sanctuary.  That was it!  Following that, I learned about forming a council.  And a couple sits later, my council was formed.  Sits have always been the best part of every day for me.  NOW, my sits are an extra safe place, a calming place, a place where my words take on form, and solutions are created out of challenges.

Allow me to walk you through the best part of my day.

My alarm goes off at 515 am.  This is the signal to begin a new life, full of possibilities and potential.  I greet the day with love in my heart.  I get to write out 3 gratitude cards of happenings the day before and one positive remembrance from the same day.  Then I mix those cards in with the pile of cards I have collected since September 2016 and read them all out loud.  It is so fun to remember so many good things.  The consistent repetition of expressions of gratitude sets my heart and attitude up to pass the positive energy on every day.

Next, I get to read The Greatest Salesman in the World and the wonderful scrolls.  Sometimes it feels so early, but I persist until I succeed.  By now the coffee is brewing and it is time to begin reading my Press Release, Blueprint Builder, Definite Major Purpose, and Gal in the Glass.  One would think by now I would have these pieces memorized.  Not!

With coffee in hand, I tackle Haanel, As a Man Thinketh, or Influencer.  I am reminded that I am nature’s greatest miracle.  So I take in the words to the best of my ability and live this day as if it is my last.  Oh, I would like to say this all has become a habit and it is easy, but it isn’t.  If any habit has formed, it is my desire to fill my mind with the wonderful words of all these readings and see how it all will be arranged for use in my sit.

Now it is time for my favorite part of the day.  It is time to sit – 15 minutes or more.   There are times, after losing myself in the sit, I am reminded by one on my council, that my time is up.  I insist to wait for the alarm which doesn’t sound.  My council strongly advises me to get about my day, so I open my eyes only to find I didn’t start the timer and a good half hour has past.  Boy, am I ever ready for the day!  I master my emotions by becoming master of myself.

Walking in Acceptance, accepting Responsibility, and practicing Defenselessness, I laugh at the world.  This is not who I was or how I was, but it is who and how I AM.  My confidence has grown.  Actually, I now HAVE confidence and I multiply my value a hundredfold.  I act now because feelings and visions are nothing more than fleeting dreams if no action is taken to enable them to be manifested.  I act now.

Where to start?  Start with a Sit!






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2016, Master Key Experience, MKE Guides

A portion of my DMP accomplished…now what?

What was accomplished the beginning of this month has been a goal of mine since the beginning of 2016. Of course, at that time, I had no clue what a DMP (Definite Major Purpose) was. I just knew this had to happen and I did not know how. As it turns out, it is part of one of my PPNs - True Health. So allow me to take you back a bit because I would like to share with you this journey of excitement.

My business is in health and fitness. Five years ago, that would have been a bit hard to swallow given my appearance. My very accomplished, athletic son-in-law made it clear when he praised my business, products, and services, that I was not a good representative by virtue of my appearance. Overweight and unfit is not the picture of health or fitness. He was absolutely correct and, fortunately for him, he expressed this over the telephone, which prevented me from hauling off and decking him. Evidence of my Denial!

It's not as if I hadn't thought about this myself! It just kind of hurts when the truth smacks you in the face. I was hurting, not because of him, but because his statement made me face the choices I had made and own up to them. Yes, I was a whole foods cook, making everything from scratch, grinding my own wheat, making my own bread. Birkenstocks and granola, that was me! But there wasn't a lot of movement in my life. My justification was that I was a busy, homeschooling mother.

So here I was, face to face with the reality, I was the product of my choices. Now I had the choice to do something about it or not. So I found a simple program called C25K which started me moving on a regular basis. Things changed. I was encouraged to enter a 5K fundraiser, which I did, and the progression happened. Within 2 years I was running marathons. My goal was always the same: to finish without the need of a Aid car. I accomplished that and was, unwisely, eager to do more. The problem was, my ego got the best of me. I ended up with a preventable injury that took me out of running for almost 2 years. Although I was told the only thing to help would be surgery, I refused. The body is a miracle. Don't mess with a miracle.

I wanted to get back in the game, but didn't know it could be more than a wish.

Along comes MKMMA in the Fall of 2016. I learned what a Definite Major Purpose is and how to write it out. My guides were amazing and supportive of me polishing my DMP. On it I had written that I would run a 10K on June 4, 2017 at the North Olympic Discovery Marathon. By the time the date was before me, I had full confidence in myself. I had accomplished this very goal every morning and every evening for over 24 weeks. Done. Thrilled!!!

A portion of my DMP was accomplished. Now what?

It is really pretty cool. I feel a mixture of accomplishment and trepidation. The trepidation is from knowing I cannot leave a void in my DMP. It must be filled. So many things fly through my head, it is a challenge to articulate. However, Sitting each day, putting this in the foreground of my thoughts, has kept me calm knowing the answer will come. Such a new place to be.

And this brings me to the thought - wouldn't it be appropriate to reconstruct my DMP altogether because the person who wrote the original was a completely different person than the person I am now? Oh, I can hear my guides, "What do you think?".

So I feel like I am at the beginning of the MKMMA course, starting on my DMP. Yet, I am so much further along because of the wonderful changes that have occurred within.

Kind of appropriate that today is the last day of my Franklin Makeover word "Competitive Greatness'.

Do It NOW!

I act NOW!

I can be what I will to be!!!

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SITTING…..what’s that all about?

The practice of 'sitting' for 15 - 30 minutes daily was introduced to me some time in October 2016 as part of the Master Key Experience course for which, I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship.

Because I am a bit of a "checklist" person, I took this as one of the new habits I was to learn, even though I had no idea what the end of the course would look like or how I would BE. It was a total act of faith and commitment. Six months was going to go by anyway, so why not make some strides to improve myself? After all, I had no thought of 'having arrived' and I have always known there is something to glean from every situation and experience, whether good or bad. So give it try!

My first thought was WHERE was I going to find the time? Over the few weeks of the MKE course, I heard encouragement to make the time, that the results would be beneficial, even unbelievable. We'll see, was my thought. The SIT was put on the list. DO IT NOW (a habit I was introduced to early in the course and implemented immediately.) So, I did it.

My first SIT experience was 15 minutes of silence, concentrating on not moving or opening my eyes until the alarm sounded. Then came questioning myself as to whether I had set the timer. "Just take a peek to check. You have a lot to do this morning and you have already thought about what Hannel instructed you to ponder." I was to let my thoughts flow. Well, that was a bit of a challenge because my thought was about my check list and getting everything done. HA!!! Day after day, with practice, and reading Hannel's Master Key Experience, my SIT evolved to be a precious time.

I am still awed by how the changes came, ever so subtly. Being still, erect, and silent, I made some amazing connections with myself. This time became important to me. Spending time every morning in this silent, thoughtful, peace, I found more time in my day. There was more efficiency in my work.

Until I began to practice the SIT, there were not enough hours in my day. I know I wasted some, but the days were still short. That is no longer the case. Yes, I purposely set an alarm to rise early. It wasn't easy, at first, but DO IT NOW was in my head and I had made the commitment to see this course through to the end. If I quit now, I would never know what was in store for me. Besides, I really do not want to loose my peace.

It is in the SIT all the readings, cards, shapes, and exercises come together. The thoughts, words, actions, and shapes flow together surrounding and infusing me with the Truth that is my world within. It is there where I am renewed and feel unified with the Creator. Yes, it is all about the SIT.

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