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Week 12 – Combinations

I love my recording.  I listen to it almost constantly.  The music makes my heart flip, just like it flips when I catch a view of the Olympic Mountains.

And around here, in the Pacific Northwest,  any view includes water – my favorite is the southern end of the Hood Canal in the Union area.  Yes, this is definitely part of my DMP.


Below is from a blog I wrote over a year ago.  At the time I was doing a lot of training to run marathons.  I want to share this because it is reminds me of the wonders that come when you are in the flow.  The outcome of the race I was training for was also serendipitous – I received an award for being the first finisher in my age category (I had, unknowingly, moved into the next age bracket).  To be completely transparent, when I asked how many were in that bracket, I found out there was a total of ONE – ME!!!  Hey, I will take it!!!  I am first out of ONE!!!  How appropriate for this Hero’s Journey – becoming my very best self!!!

Back to the recording.   I love the music so much, I wanted to make sure it would play continuously through all my readings.  After I completed my recording, it turned out to be 62 minutes long!  I read everything three times, pausing in between, and using expressive tones.  Have I said I love my recording?

I was excited to have something both productive and positive to listen to as I trained for a running event at the end of this year.  My training schedule required I break up the distance into 5 minute increments.  Well, how was I to do that?  I don’t have a fitness apparatus, apart from my phone.  

The solution came in a SIT.  The piece of music I recorded is 5 minutes and 6 seconds long.  Perfect!  I use the music as a timing tool.

Without even orchestrating it, I am engaging multiple types of learning, making numerous combinations, and accomplishing things on my POA card.  I am taking action – DOing IT NOW!!!

And, while I am getting in my run, I see shapes everywhere – green triangles in the tops of the evergreens; red circles in tail lights; yellow squares in traffic signs; and blue rectangles in house numbers.

The great encouragement of this week is: “The principle which gives the thought the dynamic power to correlate with its object, and therefore to master every adverse human experience, is the law of attraction, which is another name for love.  This is an eternal and fundamental principle, inherent in all things, in every system of Philosophy, in every Religion, and in every Science.  There is no getting away from the law of love. It is feeling that imparts vitality to thought.  Feeling is desire, and desire is love.  Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.” Haanel, 12:18

Tattooing the 7 Laws of the Mind on my heart, has resulted in ONE LOVE.  I am understanding more and more how important LOVE is, beginning with the exercise of looking in the mirror, saying the Gal in the Glass, and telling my reflection (ME), ‘I love you’.  Then 50 minutes in front of myself, speaking my one sentence DMP with feeling – It is feeling that imparts vitality of thought – my subby has no defense!

Combining 12+ weeks of lessons, exercises, and sits without and within gives me power, courage, and faith.


I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.







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Week 8 – Deconstruction

Haanel 8:29  It is the few who know that the things which they see are only effects, and understand the causes by which these effects were brought into existence.

Deconstructing the battleship was, initially, a challenging exercise.  After a couple of sits, the greater challenge was breaking down the process beyond the blueprint stage, taking it all the way back to the beginning….the thought.  And then the question, was it a single thought or a collective thought?  Bottom line….it began with THOUGHT.

I applied the battleship exercise to my DMP.  This turned out to be a very revealing exercise.  My mind was jammed with thoughts.  Some of absolutely no use, but it was hard to decipher because it was all so tightly packed in my head.

It took several sits to just separate each thought, set it out along with all the others, to be viewed completely.  Eliminating became imperative. The pruning was painful but very productive.  I know I have come as close as I have ever been to my complete DMP.   I welcome the questions from Mastermind partners.  If I want my desired effect, I need to pin point the causes with ENTHUUUUSSSIAAAZM!

Being faithful, meaning consistent, with ENTHUUUUSSSIAAAZM, practicing every exercise, focusing on my ideal self and how amazing that feels, IS the path to the change for which I desire.

I have had it backwards.  It is not about achieving to feel…..FEEL with ENTHUUUUSSSIAAAZM, that is the achievement, and all else falls into place.  Law of Environment: If you create the right environment, the things that belong in the environment will show up.

Make it so!







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Week 7 – Not my fault?

This is the first time, and, no doubt, the only time, I can say without guilt, ‘It’s not my fault!’

This Mental Diet is quite the exercise.  What has really affected me is the diet includes our thoughts.  That is a huge challenge and takes practice.  So, while doing this diet, I am incorporating the 7 Laws of the Mind, especially, the Law of Substitution, and the Law of Practice.

What is great about this exercise is that I am needing to draw on other exercises that have been introduced in previous weeks.  My initial thought is that this is subtly manipulative.  However, it really is far from that.  Without the foundation of the exercises up to this point, this Mental Diet would be a source of negative, thus, more cement, reinforcing all the lies I believed about myself, until joining this course.

Do you know how wonderful it is to proclaim, ‘It’s not my fault’?  I was raised to take responsibility for my decisions/actions.  My situation is the result of my decisions, thus, choose wisely.  But NEVER was it acceptable to say, It’s not my fault.  Ahhhhhh, it is, at this moment, at this point in the MKE journey that I am so grateful to  express that phrase!

This reprieve is only for the negativity bias but I will take it!

In the recovery ministry I am involved in, there is always a question regarding why any one of us can write pages about our faults but hardly 3 lines about our merits.   So many individuals are so steeped in their garbage and guilt, they can not see past the end of their arms.

I love how Og, Haanel, Emerson, the cards, the shapes, and the exercises are all part of a sweet symphony playing mental music in perfect harmony. Staying true to the exercises is all part of the Law of Substitution, replacing the old with the new.  It is all so very exciting.

So here is to 7 straight days of positive thought.  Until that happens, there is no guilt, no self criticism, or disappointment, because….It’s not my fault!!!!

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One of the exercises to practice this week is quite the challenge.  Since it was first introduced to me, the first year I was involved in the Master Key Experience, I came to realize how very judgmental I am, rather, was.  I had an answer for EVERYTHING, whether I was familiar with the topic or not.  And, boy, was I good at delivering my opinion with authority!

I have thought long and hard about why I chose to be that way, but I have come to understand, dwelling on finding out why was preventing me from changing, being free of the bondage of my ego.

At first, I had to just keep quiet.  I was so versed in spewing garbage, I didn’t know how to do otherwise.  So, I was silent.  And what an amazing discovery – conversations became more interesting and deep.  There was excitement, engagement, and masterminding.   My biggest discovery was the fact that reserving my opinion allowed conversations to evolve and relationships to organically develop.  It was amazing!  Why would I want to do otherwise?  A new habit?  INDEED!

Along with the new habit, I include Og’s Scroll II,  Instead of Opinion, “how do I react to the actions of others?  With love.  For just as love is my weapon to open the hearts of men, love is also my shield to repulse the arrows of hate and the spears of anger……and how do I confront each whom I meet?  In only one way.  In silence and to myself I address him and say I LOVE YOU.  Through spoken in silence these words shine in my eyes, unwrinkle my brow, bring a smile to my lips, and echo in my voice, and his heart is opened.”

I love it!  I love you!  I love me!

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