Mother’s Day in the Pacific Northwest with my 11 years old grandson!

Hello!  My name is Louise Kohl.  I am an empty nester, veteran home educator, and grandmother, who does not adhere to the philosophy that I no longer have a purpose because my children are adults with passions and families of their own.   My philosophy is the result of taking a journey of self-discovery.  The journey continues because there is so much to observe, learn, and apply.

Do you wonder what you could possibly share that is of any value to the younger generation?  Do you feel you don’t have a voice?  Who would listen, anyway?

I know what you are feeling and I want to encourage and help you discover and recognize the amazing gift you have to share.  The gift you were created to share.

The journey of self – discovery is exciting and, sometimes, painful.   The wonderful, familiar, yet, forgotten, passions that are uncovered are uplifting and can result in a sense of freedom.

Those of us who did parenting, put aside the spark for which we were created to concentrate on doing our best in parenting.  Now that season is complete.  It is time to check out the shelf upon which we set our spark. Take it down, re-engage, and share that with a waiting world.

You want to feel worthy, to be heard, to leave a legacy.  Through one on one sessions and some group sessions, we peel back the vail that we allowed to define our lives to this point.  This is not a new creatation but the unique and exquisit person who has always been there.

Join me, by opting in below.  I have a free gift for you to start you on the path to your magnificent, unique self.

I look forward to traveling this path with you.

Louise Kohl