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MKE Live 2015 !

Bankrupt to Beachfront

What would you do if you were a member - of a group who wouldn't LET you fail?
If you had a MasterMind group of people around the planet, 24/7 - to support you?

With the mantra of “Bankrupt to Beachfront,” Mark and Davene have been sharing their formulas for success in what they call the un-self-help movement.

“Self-help is an oxymoron,” says Mark. “What I mean by that is most of the modern self help message is bunk and does not work. People go to a seminar and repeat the steps but their old patterns never change.

Where our program is different is we actually show you how to retrain and restructure your expectations. The students and the testimonials speak for themselves”

The Master Key Experience teaches you how to take control of your own life like no other course of action we have ever encountered.  The changes this experience helped us make changed our lives in fundamental ways...  That's the only word of caution we would share: If you expect to only make small changes in your life - this isn't the course for you.  You WILL be a different person after this. Do It Now!

Leanne & Donald Overlander
Author & Software Engineer

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The UN-self-help event of a lifetime cannot be purchased!

Through the Master Key Experience, I have learned that I can accomplish anything, and I have the power and skills to impact my life, and more importantly the lives of others.  The basic foundation of success is:"Give More - Get More"

Doug Karnuth

Yes, it’s true, you cannot buy this course.

All candidates who qualify receive Pay-it-forward Scholarships. Pay-it-forward Scholarships [a.k.a. "PIFS"] simply mean that previous members believe in the course enough to have committed to “pay-it-foward” for new members. They are awarded on a first come, first qualified basis.

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Unlike those who don’t have the time daily to dedicate themselves to learning the Master Key, this remarkable group in the Master Key Experience, has figured out that if they want a different outcome, they’ll need to learn how to create change within…breaking mental habits that are 10, 20….40 or more years old.

To do it they must learn and help others.

​The Master Key course has sharpened me and given me a new, positive outlook on my future. It has been incredible, in confidence, knowledge, and growth in my business. me and given me a new, to see the development of confidence, knowledge, and growth in my business.

Henry Vigeant
Owner: New England Electric Company

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Yes, it’s true, you cannot buy this course.

All candidates who qualify receive Pay-it-forward Scholarships and must meet requirements to maintain their scholarship.