Week 7 – Its not my fault!!!

This is the first time, and, no doubt, the only time, I can say without guilt, ‘It’s not my fault!’

This Mental Diet is quite the exercise.  Although I missed the Webinar on Sunday, I saw in the notes and the assignment list in the workbook, we were to begin it.  My record, so far?  6 hours because that is when I was asleep.

I really thought I had a handle on it by this evening, but it all dissolved into a wish when I felt the burn of piping hot soup on my hand.  Without thinking, I loudly expressed my pain in profanity.  START OVER!!!

So, I did, until there was an unnecessary delay getting every one to the table to consume said piping hot soup.  START OVER!

Now I am enjoying one of my longer sessions on the diet and that is only because I am blogging!   May it last through the night!

Do you know how wonderful it is to proclaim, ‘It’s not my fault’?  I was raised to take responsibility for my decisions/actions.  My situation is the result of my decisions, thus, choose wisely.  But NEVER was it acceptable to say, It’s not my fault.  Ahhhhhh, it is, at this moment, at this point in the MKE journey that I am so grateful to  express that phrase!

This reprieve is only for the negativity bias but I will take it!

In the recovery ministry I am involved in, there is always the question regarding why any one of us can write pages about our faults but hardly 3 lines of positive.   So many individuals are so steeped in their garbage and guilt, they can not see past the end of their arms.

I love how Og, Haanel, Emerson, the cards, the shapes, and the exercises are all part of a sweet symphony playing mental music in perfect harmony.   Staying true to the exercises is all part of the Law of Substitution, replacing the old with the new.  It is all so very exciting.

So here is to 7 straight days of positive thought.  Until that happens, there is no guilt, no self criticism, or disappointment, because….It’s not my fault!!!!