Week 3 – The Sit

Where to begin?

The first 2 weeks I had my 15 minutes down.  I was rather proud of myself being able to sit perfectly still for the allotted time.  Inhibiting thought in Week 2 was a challenge that exposed me to myself as a rather negative person, when all this time I have thought of myself as being very positive.  Truth?  Positive to, for, and around others but not to, for, or about myself.  Good lesson!!!  Great exercise of observing and adjusting!  Actually, I was actively tossing negative out.  And that was fun!!!!

So here I am in Week 3 – Relaxation!  What a treat!!!  Having the ability to relax every part of my body from my head to my toes and every part within is like a mini retreat every morning!  That pit of anxiety that rests in my very core is calmed and I feel rest and peace.

Then the 15 minutes is over……that pit is still there!  But, you know what?  It has no power because I know the feeling of rest and peace.  That is what I claim!

Onward and UPward!!!

May we all be surprised at the results!

I always keep my promises,