Week 23 – Did I do that?

In support of my friend, I attended her ‘workshop’ for her MLM.  This is a person who vowed against MLM but found such passion in the products, she wished to share it.  As long as I have known her, she has shared  her passion with abandon to improve other’s lives – whether it be a thrift store find, linen sheets, or a great sale.

At the ‘workshop’, yesterday, after there had been testimonials shared about what the product has done for some of the attendees, she expressed that there is a business opportunity.  She expressed that her becoming involved with this company was initially based on her product  results.  She just wanted to share the product, the money thing was not her thing.  She continued to share that her mind was opened when she had this conversation with a dear friend over lunch who encouraged her that there was nothing wrong with earning income from sharing her passion.  If she had a good living, why not earn income to increase her giving?

Then my surprise came.  She pointed me out to everyone and told them I was the friend at lunch.  Wow!  That was a new me.  Practicing a habit I am only now reading about.  I remembered our conversation but had not attached any expectation to it.  Thus my surprise.

Haanel 23:3  We make money by making friends, and we enlarge our circle of friends by making money for them, by helping them, by being of service to them.

The old me would not even have been in attendance because her MLM kind of conflicts with mine.  But the new me is an encourager, a giver, an edifier.  I like it!  And how great that felt to receive the kudos but to see how very encouraged and confident she was because of what I had shared with her.  Harmony!

Did I do that?  Sure did!  Loving this new reality!!!


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It’s amazing when our reality brings the ease to our lives of realizing we just need to RELAX and let what impassions us lead all other aspects!! I’m writing this in the very real time of discovering this, and I LOVE that we are realizing this essentially together!!


DO IT !!!! You are kickin it Louise.


    Your words fuel me! Thank you!!!


Love your “new reality!” Congrats for giving … and receiving!!! Inspirational!


    Thank you! Your comment is uplifting.


Awesome! Love it when we see things like that, don’t you?


    Yes indeed! What a difference 23 weeks makes. Right? Thanks for the encouragement!!!


That’s great. Someone says you were the one who made the difference in my life and you were not even looking for that recognition. Just being kind. Well done.


    Its that ‘giving without expectation of reciprocity’ thing learned in this course. Pretty amazing!!!!

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