Week 21 – TRUTH

Oh my goodness!!!  I have been starring at this blank page for days, pondering TRUTH!  What is it?  Can, as one of my tribe said, Truth become an untruth?  My mind is spinning!

One of the statements I have said over and over is:

Truth is truth whether it is believed or not.

TRUTH is an absolute.  Truth is defined as:  the actual state of the matter;  conformity with fact or reality; verify. 

This wonderful quote says it for me.  If truth were based on perspective, as the feature picture, it would have to be changeable.  Based on fact, absolute fact, it would be unchanging.

Like the Universal Mind, God to me, is unchanging.  Where is the security or assurance if the source of all thought, strength, and power were ever changing?  “…otherwise the universe would be a chaos not a cosmos.” Haanel Week 21, Introduction

Constant change would result in chaos.   There is no harmony in chaos.  There is no peace.  There is no silence.

Exactly.  I rest my case.  And there will be many more SITS on this!!!