Week 20-Next

So many observations and words and thoughts and visions and ideas are constantly swirling around my head.  Actually, not in my head but outside of me.  Everything is so much bigger because everything is connected and the ripple affect is endless.

I grew up a foreigner in the land of my residence while the land of my citizenship was foreign to me.  Consequently, I spent much of my childhood and youth in airports.  The global community of ex-patriots, as my family was known, was massive.  No matter where in the world I was, no matter the length of time, I always would meet someone I knew from another part of the world.  This constant occurrence reminded me I could never wander far from who I really am.

It has been quite some time since I have felt such a wonderful connection with everything.  I realize now, that I missed it.  I missed the global community.  A community where one need not speak about being a foreigner in the land I called home, yet the land of my citizenship was foreign to me.   This was common to everyone’s experience and that was the very tie that bound us.

This course, and I cannot pin point the week it started, but I feel the global community again.  Maybe it began with the Kindness Week.  How amazing it was and continues to be, to know that the sun didn’t set on Kindness Week.  It doesn’t set on MKMMA.  We are in the perpetual light and warmth of the sun.

What a miracle!

I am nature’s greatest miracle.