Week 2 & 3 – All those hard workers!

Getting four billion workers to know my intention and then having them create the method is an exercise in clarity and preciseness.  Exactly.  Wait!!!  Did you say four BILLION workers?

Holy guacamole!  Being clear and precise is vital!  With that many workers plugging along to manifest a thought, that thought better be spot on in its description or I could end up with something being manifested that is so far off course that I don’t recognize it, except for the fact it is precisely and literally what my subconscious mind has been fed.  What goes in must come out – right?

So how do I address my many workers?  With feeling!  And feeling is what I experience when I repeatedly read my DMP, but I know it is not clear enough for the toddler to follow exactly.  Getting to the simplicity of the toddler’s mindset has been challenging.  I think about it constantly, questioning the soundness of my intentions.  Am I over thinking this?

I do enjoy a good debate, bantering ideas, concepts, philosophies, and thoughts back and forth.  However, it has been more of a battle when I am debating with myself.  I understand the necessity of being consistent with the exercises and love the new app for accountability.  But that still leaves me with the need to make the appropriate revisions to my DMP so my 4 BILLION workers understand EXACTLY my feelings, intention, and purpose.  They create the method.  WOW!

It is so very exciting to know I have such tremendous help!  And these wonderful workers continue to labor while I rest.  That is really awesome!

Ah, all those workers!

I am what I will to be!

Today I begin a new life!