Week 12 – HABITS

On Sunday, December 11, while the Masterkey webinar was on, I was getting lost in the London Underground trying to get back to where we were staying to join it.  It didn’t happen.  Unlike the old me, I didn’t panick or get upset, I reminded  myself of the replay and knew it would be available soon.  So we stopped in a pub for a pint and relaxed.  No negative.  Habit.

Reading continues. Habit. Sits are an exercise in persistence.  Habit! Observing myself and how I choose to handle the challenges has been encouraging.  Habit.  Connecting shapes, attitudes, and actions are just that – HABITS!

I am so grateful for the exercises and requirements of this course that have brought me to this point.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!  I can be who I will to be.  I always keep my promises.  Do it now.  Habit

With all the planning I did to insure I was in certain places at certain times to join the webcast and to make sure I had all the materials resulted in me finding out I am completely powerless….     Habit.

it isn’t about making sure all the ducks are in a row.  It is about making SMART statements and feeding Subby.  Habit.

Good is replacing bad.  Changes continue to occur, be it ever so subtle. Habit.

I can be who I will to be.

I persist.

I win.


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Persistence! habit! Love it!


Louise! You are on it!


Louise- I’ve been praying for you & safe travels. Keep up the great habits & “see” you soon! Blessings ~ Joanna


    Great adventure. Home now. Hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!


Louise you are doing great while traveling. It presents challenges that you may not be prepared for and you are keeping positive. Proud of you.


Greetings Louise! SO you are in London, and we are in Nevada! I very much appreciate the experience you are sharing!! We are here for one month plus, and guess which day our room changes occur? Yes, on Sunday afternoon between 1 and 3 pm PST. Habits, Persistence, and ALL that we are learning is prevailing,…Yes, it is GLORIOUS! Christmas Blessings to you and your Family!


    Now I am in Germany. Here through Christmas. Glad my experience is an encouragement. It is that persistence thing that keeps the ball rolling. Thank God for replays! Christmas blessings to you!!!


      Gee wikillers, that’s such a great post!


Love it. Good replacing bad habits new blueprint replacing the old. Awesome

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