Week 12 – HABITS

On Sunday, December 11, while the Masterkey webinar was on, I was getting lost in the London Underground trying to get back to where we were staying to join it.  It didn’t happen.  Unlike the old me, I didn’t panick or get upset, I reminded  myself of the replay and knew it would be available soon.  So we stopped in a pub for a pint and relaxed.  No negative.  Habit.

Reading continues. Habit. Sits are an exercise in persistence.  Habit! Observing myself and how I choose to handle the challenges has been encouraging.  Habit.  Connecting shapes, attitudes, and actions are just that – HABITS!

I am so grateful for the exercises and requirements of this course that have brought me to this point.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!  I can be who I will to be.  I always keep my promises.  Do it now.  Habit

With all the planning I did to insure I was in certain places at certain times to join the webcast and to make sure I had all the materials resulted in me finding out I am completely powerless….     Habit.

it isn’t about making sure all the ducks are in a row.  It is about making SMART statements and feeding Subby.  Habit.

Good is replacing bad.  Changes continue to occur, be it ever so subtle. Habit.

I can be who I will to be.

I persist.

I win.