Week 11 – Connections like fireworks

This  Week 11 is more good stuff.  Didn’t you love finding out on Sunday that you were already doing the 4 Tiny Habits?  I sure did.  To learn of their importance in this journey of discovery caused me to wonder if I could actually get to the point of absorbing them into my life.  Then BAM!  I find out I have been doing them for weeks.  And these very habits that I have been doing are a part of me!  Brilliantly played Mark and Davene.  Truly brilliant and very much appreciated by yours truly.

This morning while in my sit, I was thoroughly engrossed in pondering the quote from Mark 11:24.  I watched my movie poster, watched the trailer, then proceeded to watch the whole movie of my new reality.  A couple different instances I questioned if my time was up, but did not check because I didn’t want to interrupt the movie.  When I did open my eyes, I saw that the alarm had not been set.  I expressed my surprise to my husband, who responded he thought I was going for a record of over 30 minutes.  What a great start to my day!

Since Monday, I have been observing various connectionss all around me.  Today, it was constant.  Is this happening because I have become a better observer or am I a better observer because of what is happening?  Either way, I am loving it.

It’s like there is a fireworks show within. I am celebrating these bits of new reality.  Party time!

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!


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Love the sits. When I find myself really into concentrating, the time just flies by and I don’t want it to be over.


hey Louise did you ever see all of “What the Bleep”? It’s a peptide party!


celebrating with you!


I too missed pressing star on my alarm. My Sit turned into 40 minutes of prayer. So freeing!!!

Lisa Louise Lindsey

yes, that’s happened to me also. At first 15 minutes was forever, now I’m consistently going over with pleasure! (no fireworks yet- can’t wait for that!!!)


Loved your epiphany, it is great to really understand that we are on the path to greatness and discovering who we were meant to be. 30 minutes without looking wow!


SO great to know we are already doing the work, simple habits leading us to our new reality. Be blessed

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