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Week 21 – TRUTH

Oh my goodness!!!  I have been starring at this blank page for days, pondering TRUTH!  What is it?  Can, as one of my tribe said, Truth become an untruth?  My mind is spinning! One of the statements I have said over and over is: Truth is truth whether it is believed or not. TRUTH is […]

Week 20 – Attitude is a Choice

Learning that the world without is a result of our world within was a revelation weeks and weeks ago.  Now I know it to be true.  However, further study of Og and Haanel has pointed me to the fact that my world within is composed of a combination of choices – choosing to believe lies, […]

Week 19 – The answer is GOOD HABITS.

The question is – What would the person I intend to become do next? This course has been a lesson in developing new habits week after week.  The changes are subtle but noticeable, especially, by those outside the MKE circle.  I have actually been described as a woman of great wisdom!  Wow! I say.  My […]

Week 18 – Happiness

There are so many observations and connections experienced this week, I am at a lose as to how to express them.  The featured image of this blog illustrates it best.  The head to the left is my BEFORE/current and to the right my AFTER/current.  I label them that way to recognize that this is a […]

Week 17HJ – Directions?

So, here I am, right here, right now.  I know I want to only move forward, to not focus on tomorrow (that never comes) or on yesterday (nothing can be done about the past) but which way do I go?  Vowing to only move forward has left me with so many options, yet, I know […]

Week 17 – Permission & Abundance

I have observed an interesting choice that I have practiced in situations that I have approached with some uncertainty – old self.  That observation is – I would rather ask for forgiveness than ask permission.  In a way, I have had a certain arrogance about taking that approach.  But when I think about it, it […]

Week 16 – Imagination…….

One of the great things about homeschooling my children was enjoying their endless imaginations.  One of the finest tools/materials we had were cardboard boxes.  What they created from the cardboard was amazing.  It was so fun to observe how they would form, with their little hands, what had first been formed in their minds.  It […]

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