Week 12 – Combinations

I love my recording.  I listen to it almost constantly.  The music makes my heart flip, just like it flips when I catch a view of the Olympic Mountains. And around here, in the Pacific Northwest,  any view includes water – my favorite is the southern end of the Hood Canal in the Union area.  […]

Week 9 – Recovery is a Choice

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!”   I am, I am, I am!!! For a while, I have had a niggling of something that just has not set well with me.  I have ignored it, prioritized something else, or been really busy and forgotten about it, but it remained. As I embraced […]

Week 8 – Deconstruction

Haanel 8:29  It is the few who know that the things which they see are only effects, and understand the causes by which these effects were brought into existence. Deconstructing the battleship was, initially, a challenging exercise.  After a couple of sits, the greater challenge was breaking down the process beyond the blueprint stage, taking […]

Week 7 – Its not my fault!!!

This is the first time, and, no doubt, the only time, I can say without guilt, ‘It’s not my fault!’ This Mental Diet is quite the exercise.  Although I missed the Webinar on Sunday, I saw in the notes and the assignment list in the workbook, we were to begin it.  My record, so far?  […]

Week 6 – Linking without knowing it

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group about addiction – addiction to negative, pain, chaos, turmoil, you get the picture.  What was interesting about my audience was that every individual is in recovery for some hurt, hang up, or habit.  It is Celebrate Recovery! Being in leadership, I hear lots of personal […]

Week 5 – No Opinion….i.e. Silence?

No opinion?  Is that even possible?  It certainly is a challenge…….for me!!! For over a year, I have had a note card with red lettering on it spelling – NO OPINION, taped to the border of my computer screen.  In retrospect, I needed, and may still need, this reminder in my line of vision. Not […]

Week 4 – Habits formed

As many times as I have read Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World, one would think I should have it memorized.  Yet, every time, a new thought rises from a page and sets itself apart.  It is fascinating how that happens! When I was first introduced to Haanel, Mandino, the Sit, Shapes, Colors, […]