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Week 19 – The answer is GOOD HABITS.
The question is - What would the person I intend to become do next? This course has been a lesson[...]
Week 18 – Happiness
There are so many observations and connections experienced this week, I am at a lose as to how to express[...]
Week 17HJ – Directions?
So, here I am, right here, right now.  I know I want to only move forward, to not focus on[...]
Week 17 – Permission & Abundance
I have observed an interesting choice that I have practiced in situations that I have approached with some uncertainty -[...]
Week 16 – Imagination…….
One of the great things about homeschooling my children was enjoying their endless imaginations.  One of the finest tools/materials we[...]
Week 15 – Thoughts, Words, and Goosebumps?
Haanel 15:20  We know that the Universal Thought has for its goal the creation of form, and we know that[...]

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As I entered adulthood, I realized I was always someone who just followed the flow of the water. When I married my wonderful husband and began a family, I didn’t follow the easy flow as much as I began to aspire to create a world in which my children could thrive. My first move was to home school. From my firstborn’s first year of school to my youngest child’s last year of schooling, I was passionate about home education. To date, all have attended collage for at least 2 years. Two have BAs and one has a Master’s Degree. Each is very goal oriented and as much as I would like to take credit, I watched something that was already in each of them develop and mature. The credit is the Creator’s.
Currently, I live in the Pacific Northwest with my wonderful, supportive husband, Steve.

I am looking forward to meeting the person within!!!

I always keep my promises.

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